Mar 21, 2023

Standout Technologies in Medical Research

  • By Michael,

The amalgamation of the latest technology and medical research has provided immense benefit for healthcare professionals worldwide. With the advanced tools and techniques, these experts handle the myriad of challenges and work towards a healthier world. In short, these technologies are potentially opening up the new way for breakthroughs in medical science.

Here are some of such most excellent technologies that are proven to play a significant part in medical research.

Neural Engineering

Neural engineering is foreseen to be a significant area of medical and clinical translational research. Here, it leverages the technology that can track the neural system and assist medical experts in building models for in-depth research. Possibly, this neural engineering tells you about every single physiological framework inside the human body. These mechanical impacts are upon neuroscience with the end goal that every single neurological disease and disorder will be treated later on.

Healthcare Information Technology

Healthcare information technology, like healthcare informatics and electronic health records, helps researchers create large databases of medical data of patients across various regions. Healthcare informatics encourages general health officials to recognize the disturbing patterns and resolve them even before it breaks out.  This technology serves to boost research on genetics. Whereas, electronic health records or EHR is one of the simplified digital versions of a patient’s records.

Apple’s ResearchKit

Apple’s ResearchKit is an open-source framework known to aid medical researchers in building diagnostic applications for iOS devices. This system was created to support consumers, and clinical experts use propelling medical research directly from their homes.

The apps that are already present on ResearchKit do various things like – measuring vocal and hand tremors, diagnosing diabetes, and fluctuations in the heart rate. Patients using this app can decide with whom they want to share the diagnostic report. Medical researchers can utilize this data for further study.

Voice-Based Solutions

The voice-based solution is proven to be extremely useful for medical professionals and researchers in the last few years. Both for diagnostics and supporting administrative tasks, these experts leverage this tool in their daily operations. Researchers found that the characteristics of patient’s voices, also called vocal biomarkers, tell a lot about their health and aids you in detecting future health risks.

Beyond Verbal, an Israeli company uses this technology to deal with emotion analytics and provides voice analysis software. It was successful in helping to detect the presence of coronary artery disease (CAD) in a group of patients. Sonde Health Inc, another firm based out in Boston, creates a voice-based platform for observing and analyzing mental and physical conditions.


The advancing medical technology is a cornerstone of tomorrow’s research. This article has featured stimulating devices that healthcare experts can use to build a more advantageous and healthy world.

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