Mar 21, 2023

How AI Medical Diagnosis App by Human Dx Outperforms Physicians

  • By Michael,

Artificial intelligence has already made its way into healthcare services around the world. Mainly, AI-driven application is now playing a crucial role in vital medical services, including diagnostic tasks, raising the emergence of doctorless diagnosis in the future.

AI Medical Diagnosis App created by the Human Diagnosis Project (Human Dx) is one of the famous examples of this human-AI collaboration. The organization collates the data from 500 medical institutions and 7,500 doctors in 80 countries to develop an intelligent system that helps you make a more informed decision. This system can be utilized by the doctor, organization, patient, researcher, or device developer.

Human Dx advocates using a popular AI technique that robotically trains itself from identifying different patterns in data to crowdsource and construct the most exceptional medical knowledge from physicians across various regions. Surprisingly, physicians from major medical research centers have already exhibited their interest in the app.

Shantanu Nundy, the Director of this project, shares his view with Futurism. He says that AI must be integrated into the developing technology in any segment, be it healthcare or not. “You have to design these things with an end-user in mind. People use Netflix, but it’s not like ‘AI for watching movies,’ right? People use Amazon, but it’s not like ‘AI for shopping.’”

For forward-thinking clinicians, projects like Human Dx lets them spend less time engaged with technology. Nundy states, “It’s been well-documented that over 50 percent of our time now is in front of a screen.” With the help of AI, doctors can save time by offloading certain administrative burdens, like report generation or documentation.

Human Dx has recently partnered with some of the prominent medical professional firms such as the Association of American Medical Colleges and the American Medical Association to scale up the Human Dx system. This association’s primary objective is to deliver affordable and timely advice to general practitioners serving millions of patients globally, especially in safety-net hospitals and clinics throughout the United States.


We know that the AI’s role in medicine will undoubtedly grow in the years to come. According to a recent study by Accenture Consulting, the market value of Artificial Intelligence in medicinal services is foreseen to reach $6.6 billion. The utilization of AI in healthcare will be booming; therefore, it’s essential for healthcare experts to integrate this system into their routine medical practices at the earliest.

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